Every Day is Good Friday—Every Day is Son Day—Every Day is Christ Mass & the Last Supper

Compton, Hampshire, England, 1968, Easter Tuesday

My dear George

I have just finished your third address and now want to reread them all at leisure before returning your notes and the copy I made of them.

It is a great privilege to have been allowed to read them and I am grateful. I only wish I could have shared in the atmosphere their delivery must have produced. I have been deeply impressed by the depth, comprehensiveness, and clarity of vision you have given us of the Passion. Most of us see little more than the shallows. You have deepened my perception and clarified it. It is more profound than any Good Friday meditation I have ever heard and you have fitted it in so marvellously with the church services, combining them so perfectly with the more common Good Friday meditation on the seven last words. A masterpiece. To be preserved and used over and over again.

Correct the script, as there are one or two sight alterations needed here and there for clarification of the sense. But don’t change it more than you need — please. 

What you say on death, resurrection and eternal life here and now are so very true as far as our best insights can grasp them. They want hammering into people day-in day-out, to make our so-called Christianity more alive, valid and relevant.

Much Gratitude,